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Exploring the world, one bat at a time.
Not all who wander are lost
~J. R. R. Tolkien

I am currently a postdoc at Texas AM University (TAMU) working with Dr. Michael Smotherman on biosonar in groups of bats. Exploring Texas and falling in love with Tadarida brasiliensis.

The pursuit of bats has taken me on adventures around the word, from Australia to Mexico. My love of learning led me to Israel and Namibia to work with scorpions and explore burrow environments.

I am currently president and founding member of the TAMU Postdoctoral Association. I collect hobbies and love learning new skills. I am involved in roller derby, ultimate frisbee, mountain biking, and martial arts. Craft beer is one of my favorite forms of tourism. I love to get my hands dirty with arts and crafts and I'll never turn down an evening of strategy and board games.

  • Behavioral | Community | Sensory | Quantitative

Education & Positions

My educational background and work experience

Texas A&M University

Postdoctoral Research Associate
2015 – present

Advisor: Dr. Michael Smotherman

Department of Biology

Ben-Gurion University

Postdoctoral Researcher

Advisor: Dr. Berry Pinshow
Jacob Blaustein Institutes of Desert Research
Mitrani Department of Desert Ecology

Western University

Doctor of Philosophy

Advisor: Dr. M. Brock Fenton

Department of Biology
Centre for Environment Sustainability

University of California, San Diego

Master of Science
Bachelor of Science
2001-2005 | Biology
M.Sc. Advisor: Dr. Karen Marchetti

B.Sc.|Ecology, Behavior, Evolution |Muir College

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