October 10, 2016


Check out some of my favorite websites, from awesome research labs to community organizations.

Batty Resources

Bat Conservation International

BatWorld Sanctuary

Bat Conservation Trust

Organization for Bat Conservation


Awesome Research Labs

Barber Lab, Boise State University

Barclay Lab, University of Calgary

Brigham Lab, University of Regina

Clare Lab, Queen Mary University of London

Faure Lab, McMaster University

Frick Lab, University of California, Santa Cruz

Gillam Lab, North Dakota University

Holderied Lab, University of Bristol

Kingston Lab, Texas Tech University

McGuire Lab, Texas Tech University

Moss Lab, Johns Hopkins University

Page Lab, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Smotherman Lab, Texas A&M University

Swartz Lab, Brown University

Willis Lab, University of Winnapeg

Yovel Lab, Tel Aviv University



Brazos Valley Roller Derby

Brazos Valley Mountain Biking Association

Texas A&M University (TAMU) Postdoctoral Association – new website coming soon!

TAMU Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Program


London, Ontario

London Ultimate Club

Centre for Environment & Sustainability, Western University